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What messages do you want to deliver?


Defining exactly what you want to communicate is easier said than done. Take a new product for example. The development team are precious about every detail, and rightly so. But does a particular re-designed feature bring a tangible customer benefit, or  is it actually more about production costs?


Asking these types of questions focuses your core training message where it’s needed. It helps ensure your delegates know what’s going to excite each customer, and why.


Why do you want to deliver them?


Is this a new offer? Will customers want to know more about how your offer works? Or is brand your strength? Do your staff need to deliver a particular lifestyle message?


Clarifying your priorities, and what your target audience believes they need, can make all the difference to your success.


How do you want them delivered?


Is your audience spread far and wide? Perhaps you have a high staff turnover? Maybe access to IT and time to study is limited, or minimising time away from the sales floor is crucial?


There are often many more delivery methods and combinations of delivery methods than first suggest themselves. Let us guide you in choosing what’s right for your message, your audience, and your budget.


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